The Bible Is Alive and Here Is Proof

The Bible Is AliveThe Bible is Alive

The Word of God is alive and powerful, able to change, comfort, bless, encourage, teach, rebuke, convict, calm, and speak to every person who looks into its pages with an open mind, a willing spirit, and a sincere desire to know, learn, grow, and be changed into the image of God, which is His design and our soul-stirring mission.

When you look into its pages, you will see and hear Almighty God come alive in your heart.  It stirs the soul, causes your heart to beat faster.  It’s goose bumps on you skin and butterflies in your stomach.  The Bible is alive.  It is able to make wise the simple (Psalm 19:7), to open the mind of all who seek knowledge and desire to go deeper with God.

It is a mirror, a window to the soul, revealing sin, so that the sinner might be saved.  It looks into your heart and sees your struggles, your sorrows, your shame, and points the way to something wonderful and miraculous.  The Bible is alive and its message, woven by the Master into the very fabric of our hearts, is salvation for everyone who will come.

First it convicts, causing intense grief when we see and finally admit how very lost we are, to prepare our hearts to receive God’s glorious Son, Jesus Christ the Lord.  We have to die to live.  It’s a mystery that only a few will seek to understand, but for those who do, they will become alive for the very first time, perhaps with tears for all the wasted time, but soon will be filled to overflowing joy in the light of the immensity of God’s love and mercy.

The Bible is alive.  Read it and see.  It’s more than just a book.

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