The Bible is a Love Story

The Bible is a Love StoryThe Bible is a Love Story

The Bible is a love story of God’s love for creation.  “In the beginning, He created…and He saw it was good.”  Genesis

But He loved the frailest of all creatures the most, as you would love the weaker child more.  Compassion for weakness makes love stronger; the bravery of struggle invites protectiveness; protectiveness increases love.

God created man from “the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7).  We carry within ourselves the very breath of God, and without it we die, and yet He allows man to walk around, with the breath of God sustaining his very life as he goes about his way, many with no thought of God at all, and if he does think of God, he often curses Him and blames Him for the state of affairs he is in; yet the state of his affairs is often of his own choosing.  He expects God to rescue him from his poor choices while he curses His name.

Why does He love us so?  How is it that the Bible is a love story?  I cannot imagine loving the children I gave life to if they should turn on me in such a fashion.  Why does He do it?  I suppose He does it for the one holding his hands as high as he can, yet trying to reach higher as he sings the praises of his Maker.  Sometimes unconditional love can change a heart of stone, but it is one in a million, and even some of the ones who come, will walk away before the end.  Why does He do it?  Only He knows, but for that one He will pour out His Spirit, His love, His forgiveness, and His grace.  Perhaps it makes His heart glad to see the Prodigal son returning.

People reject God because they do not understand Him, as if it was His duty to come down to our level and explain Himself.  But still, even beyond the rejection, He pours out His love.  We are shown the Bible is a love story.  The same sinner rejecting God for being unfathomable will be the one accepting Him with wonder because of His unfathomable love and mercy.

It’s the mystery of grace.  It doesn’t make sense, and yet that makes it all the more grand to receive mercy instead of judgment.  Isn’t He marvelous?  Isn’t He beautiful?  Isn’t He worthy to be praised?  Are you still contemplating whether the Bible is a love story?

So He wrote the story of Jesus and the plan that was laid before the foundation of the world, which is another wonder that we may have the privilege of understanding one day.  If He knew, and He did, how it all would go, then why start it at all?  Why not write a different middle?  Because the beginning is good and the ending is good, why the long falling away and struggle?  Why did Jesus have to die?  We don’t really know.  I can imagine, though, that perhaps the reunion is all the sweeter because of the separation.  It makes no sense, yet it is all that makes sense at the same time.  It’s a mystery why He loves us, but I, for one, am glad He does, and I cannot imagine my life without Him, and yet I went so long, more of my life than what is left, without.  But now I know Him, as I am known, and I know the rest of my life with Him will be the best of my life until I meet Him face to face.

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