The Almighty Author of the Biblical Marriage

Biblical Marriage

Biblical Marriage

God is the Author of Biblical Marriage.  In the beginning, He created man and then woman to be his helpmate.  God was the head of Adam; Adam was the head of Eve, and Eve was one flesh with Adam.  The balance of powers in any system must be equal lest they lean too sharply to the left or right, finally falling, bringing down the entire structure.

Satan, as we know, is a cunning tempter and he delights in distorting God’s Word, causing confusion in the body of Christ and, if he can break down the family, he goes a long way towards destroying mankind, but we know that God rules not only us, but also Satan who is defeated already in God’s historical plan.  But that does not stop him from playing his games.  He may lose the war, but he does and will win many battles in the individual believer.  Biblical marriage is one of Satan’s stomping grounds and it is not hard to see why.  Many couples, when divorcing, do so in anger and with a spirit of retaliation.  Where once there was love, now exists hate, and there is no happily ever after.  Children are used as pawns and torn to pieces on the rocks of the lie of “till death do we part.”

The footing is pulled out from under everyone and all are adrift on the seas of bitterness, uncertainty, and fear.  Unfortunately, even Christian marriages suffer this way and it can drive everyone away from church, which is necessary but not the most necessary, and God Who is our hope.  When our lives preach one thing while our lips say another we create doubt about God and ourselves.  Biblical marriage clothes itself in the wardrobe of the world.  If we act no better, we present the Word of God as a lie.

 As it is written: “God’s name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.”  Romans 2:24

‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Matthew 15:8

We continue to see how Satan distorts God’s Word with feminism and cries for equality.  God believes in equality also, they just fail to see it.  Wives are so busy thinking Biblical marriage means being under her husband’s thumb they miss the reality of God’s design, which is a wife coming under the protection of her husband.  But then they rebel at that also, puffed up with indignation, declaring self-sufficiency as if it were a worthy goal in marriage to be separately sufficient from one another.

Perhaps the analogy of parent and child is better suited to illustrate this point.  Parents are the protectors of their children, and, although children struggle with this in the same fashion as wives with husbands, some degree is necessary for their safety and happiness.  Husbands will have to stand before God and give an account of how they lived out the instructions of God to care for their wives, and wives will have to account for their submission, or lack thereof, as instructed by God.

Biblical marriage, as designed by God, is a holy union with husbands lovingly and gently leading his family as he humbly follows Jesus.

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