Reading The Bible Is Not A Science

Reading the Bible is Not a Science

There are many programs to help you lay out a plan for reading the Bible annually.  There are online plans, Bible study guides, phone and iPad apps, and chronological Bible reading plans.  Many people purpose reading the Bible daily but fall behind quickly for various reasons.

One reason why we fail at reading the Bible daily is confusion over how and where to start.  The whole Bible is God’s Word and even the “boring” parts have a purpose.  If you skip the genealogies which is very common, you might miss some nugget there between the names, so at least skim those.  Some of the books of the Bible can bog down your intent to read it all so if you get hung up in Leviticus or some other book, you can skip around some and come back to it later.

I am of the opinion that everyone should read the Bible in its entirety at least once, but am unsure of what to do after.  Should I read from the beginning always or can I jump into Psalms or Proverbs for some wisdom?  I believe both are correct.  Try reading some different translations.  The New International Version (NIV) and The New Living Translation (NLT) because the language is more modernized sometimes these can be easier to understand, especially for the novice reader, than The King James Version.

Reading the Bible In Your Special Place

Sometimes it helps to have a special place for reading the Bible such as a favorite chair in a reading nook, on the porch, in a favorite neighborhood coffee shop, or in your car during your lunch hour.  Having a designated place and time set aside helps with distractions.

Another good reason to embark on reading the Bible is to know and understand not only the great deeds of faithful Christians, but also the failures of God’s chosen people, even the great men of the Bible like Moses.  There are no perfect people, just weak sinful people made of flesh and blood just like you and me.  When reading the Bible and seeing how God uses every yielded heart you will understand He can use you too.

Reading the Bible Can Keep You Moving Forward

Reading the Bible is encouraging.  We see how God takes tragedies and uses them for His glory.  We hear how Jesus raised the dead and healed blind eyes, deaf ears, and broken hearts.  Reading the Bible tells us of God’s incredible love for us and the lengths He has gone to redeem us and restore us to a place of fellowship with God.  We see the Israelites, God chosen people fall from grace over and over, disregarding God’s commands and falling into sin.  And we see them cry out to God from the circumstances their disobedience created and His rush to rescue them time and time again.  It gives you a platform and knowledge to back up your position when people ask questions like “Does the Bible really say…?”

Most of all, reading the Bible is a guide for living your life and instrumental in sanctification.  Always remember the Bible is for you; it is a mirror not a hammer.  The Bible is not for you to judge others, but to see what God desires of you and how to make it come to pass.