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Titus or the Epistle of Paul to Titus is a Pastoral Epistle included in the New Testament. Along with First Timothy and Second Timothy, it is among the three epistles whose authorship is traditionally attributed to Saint Paul the Apostle. Like many other works of Paul, there is a considerable debate over the authenticity of the letter. Although few scholars consider the similarities in expressions and phrases to be pseudo biographical, there are still many who consider that the letter was written by Paul himself. The epistle was written in approximately 64 AD.

The letter is written for Titus who was converted into Christianity by Paul and who served as an aid to Paul during his ministry. Titus accompanied Paul when he left Antioch for discussing the gospels with the leaders of Jerusalem. Titus was a Gentile who was accepted into Christianity without circumcision. This justified Paul’s stand in Jerusalem. There is a probably that Titus accompanied Paul and worked with him when he was at Ephesus during his 3rd missionary journey. Paul then sent Titus to Corinth from where he assisted the local church with their work and helped to collect alms for poor saints of Jerusalem.

Under the instructions from Paul, Titus was to oversee the spreading of Christianity and development of the churches in the Greek island of Crete. Crete during the ancient times was notorious for its immorality, decadence, and spiritual laziness. The land was filled with false teachers who spread doctrines that supported their selfish motives and misguided people into unholy acts. In such circumstances, Titus had to undertake a very difficult assignment. The most important challenge that lay before him was that he had to see to it that the new church leaders he appointed made sure that the doctrine that is preached among the people of the island remained pure and holy among the new converts. The condition in Crete was not unlike many other new congregations of Saints, wherein the people taught and practiced things that they were not supposed to do. Titus was encouraged by Paul to be strong and vigilant in keeping the faith alive, to appoint leaders that are strong and appropriate and to show the Saints the right path to salvation.

In the first chapter, we find Paul instructing Titus how to find leaders for the church who will be above reproach by virtue of their strength of character. He also warns him to be wary of deceivers and rebellious men who follow the wrong path. In the next two chapters, Paul shows how the believers can live a healthy life both inside and outside the church. He says that faithful following of the gospels lead men to live godly lives. The people should pray and prepare themselves for the return of Christ.

Salvation comes to those who place their trust in the Christ and open up to his grace. At the end of life, men become united with Christ Jesus and lives with Him for all eternity. This brings people the ultimate Glorification, by which they are protected from sin’s ways.  Sign up to receive Titus or any book of the bible Quotes delivered daily.

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