Maccabees 2 aka Second Book of Macabees

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Maccabees 2 is somewhat an extension of its first part but unlike its precedent version its tone and narrative are not so detailed. Although Maccabees 2 is a part of the Old Testament, it is not a part of the Tanak Bible. These kind of biblical books are also known as the deuterocanonical books which refer to the canons outside the Bible. However, Maccabees 2 is considered sacred by a section of Christians like Catholics and others like the Jews and not considered among the religious text by the Protestants. In fact, Protestants are thought to condemn this canonical book.

Maccabees 2 was originally composed in Greek language and the researchers are yet to decipher who the author was. It is thought that Maccabees 2 was written somewhere around 100 BC. Apart from some sketchy accounts of biblical events that have minimal historical value, the Maccabees 2 is more on the theological side. The events narrated in this book include the sacrifice of the great Eleazar who is considered a great martyr. A Jewish by birth, Eleazar was forced to consume pork by the oppressive Antochius IV Epiphanes, which he refused. He paid with his life to preserve the covenants taught by Christianity. According to the Catholics and the Orthodox Church, this day is celebrated as the Feast Day on the 1st of August every year.

The book Maccabees 2 begins with an introduction to Judas Maccabeus and his brothers, about how they sanitize the great Temple and dedicate the altar to the Almighty. The author, who is thought to be Jason of Cyrene also narrates the holy war that goes between Judas Maccabeus’s son Eupator and Antochius IV Epiphanes mostly to protect the Holy Temple and preserve Judaism. It is about how the successor of Maccabeus liberates Jerusalem thereby bringing back peace and harmony.

Apart from this, Maccabees 2 also tells a story of Jeremiah who under the Divine providence led the Israelites to the Mount Sinai where Moses had passed the commandments of Abraham. He advises the Israelites to abide by the covenants that the Great Lord laid for them. Maccabees 2 goes on further to narrate the story of the wise king Solomon who on the completion of the Temple building celebrated the gift of god for eight days.

The central theme of this book just like any other Apocrypha revolves around the concept of Obedience and how the Covenants are the guiding principles for a religious Hebrew. It also stresses on the importance of martyrdom and how their sacrifice brought about a resurrection to the religion. The stories of Eleazar or Eupator are an inspiration to uphold the teachings of the religion.  Sign up now at Your Bible Quotes to receive Bible Quotes from Maccabees 2 or any other book of the bible.