The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew is one of the four major canonical gospels as well as the first text of New Testament. Written by an unknown author between the years 70 and 110, it drew from three main sources which include the Gospel of Mark, a collection of saying or logia termed as Q source, as well as the M source or Special Matthew.

The Gospel of Matthew starts by discussing the ancestry of Jesus Christ and shows how he is a descendant of both Abraham and David. Forty-two generations pass between Abraham and Lord Christ. Mary, Mother of Jesus, was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Joseph, who was about to marry her, decided to break off the marriage quietly without causing her any social disgrace. However, at this point an angel came to Joseph in a dream, and asked him to take Mary as his wife as she is to be the Mother of the Savior who will be named Jesus.

The next lines of Gospel of Matthew describe the conspiracies of King Herod and how Joseph is advised to take Mary and young Jesus and move to Egypt. From there, they again move to Nazareth and Jesus then becomes a Nazarene.

The next chapter introduces John the Baptist, who was baptizing people of Judea and Jerusalem in river Jordan. Jesus came to John and asked him to baptize him. Initially reluctant, John later baptizes Jesus. The Heavens opened suddenly after this; the Spirit of God came down and rested on Jesus.

In the next section of the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is tempted by Satan in the desert. However, Jesus repeatedly retorts him back and Satan had to leave. Jesus then takes on disciples; moves through Galilee and preaches the news about Kingdom of Heaven. He heals people of their diseases and teaches people the value of humbleness as it can bring them heavenly bliss. Jesus also taught his people why it is important not to be pompous or showy while doing good deeds or how necessary it is to forgive and forget woes. There is only good sense to practice morality and good behavior. Jesus then cures leprosy and displays his mastery over forces of nature.

Jesus took not only righteous men as his disciple but also sinners. Furthermore in the Gospel of Matthew he raises a young girl from the dead. He then calls on His twelve disciples and sets them with important tasks and warns them of the trouble that might befall them ahead. However, having complete trust in God will remove all traces of fear from them. The following chapter of the Gospel of Matthew speaks of John the Baptist who inquires about Jesus from his prison. Christ then expresses His thoughts on John.

Jesus then denounces apathy and thanks the Lord for it is the simple men who understood his message. Seeing Jesus’ abilities to perform miracles, the Pharisees associate Him with the devil, but Jesus rebukes them for their lack of faith. Jesus then uses parables and pictorial metaphors to communicate His teachings. Jesus then speaks of the dangers of tradition and illustrates the differences between superficial cleanliness and true cleanliness.