Gospel According to Mark

The Gospel According to Mark

Gospel According to Mark

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The Gospel According to Mark is the second text of the New Testament and is one of the 4 main canonical gospels and 3 synoptic gospels. At one point of time the Gospel according to mark was considered to be a summary or epitome of the Gospel of Matthew, and it was for this reason that the Gospel according to Mark was hailed as the second Biblical gospel. However, most contemporary researchers now regard the Gospel according to Mark as the earliest work of all the four. The authorship of the gospel according to Matthew which was traditionally ascribed to Mark the Evangelist, is now associated with an unknown author who created the work by taking inspiration from parables, miracle stories and passion narratives.

At the beginning of the Gospel according to Mark, Lord announces Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Messiah who will deliver people from evil influences. He is then baptized by John. Then Satan tries to tempt Jesus in the wilderness but remains unsuccessful. The angels stood by Jesus’ side during these testing times. After John is arrested, Jesus arrives at Galilee and starts to spread the word of the Kingdom of God. He then gathers His disciples, starts teaching among crowds, heals sick people and perform various miracles such as raising the dead, restoring sight to blind people, and curing lepers. Jesus then used parables to communicate important spiritual truths to His people; however they failed to grasp the deeper meaning of things. He also walks on water and calms the storm, but even though God and the evil demons could recognize who He was, neither His own disciples nor the crowds could grasp His identity.

Jesus further spoke about what makes a man evil and said that nothing from outside can make him evil, except what wicked thoughts are already there is his heart. No food can make him evil as well. Jesus then asks his disciples as to who He is, and Peter replies that He is Christ. Jesus forbids him not to speak to anyone about the truth. Jesus then predicts His own suffering and death, but also says that he will be resurrected after three days. Jesus took His disciples up a high mountain, and over there they were joined by Elijah and Moses. Jesus again tells his disciples to keep the matter to themselves. Jesus visits Jerusalem and there he directly challenges the Jewish authorities as well as the people who dealt in buying and selling of animals. Later in the Gospel according to Mark, while on Mount of Olives, Jesus predicted the forthcoming demolition of the Temple in addition to maltreatment of his followers as well as the coming of Son of Man in all His power and glory.

When a woman comes and uses oil to perfume Jesus’ head, He explains that it is a sign that His death is nearby. Jesus celebrates the Passover with His disciples, declaring the bread as his body and the wine as his blood. When Jesus goes to Gethsemane to pray with His disciples, He is betrayed by Judas for silver. When interrogated by Jewish authorities, He replies that He is Christ, the Son of God, who will return as the Son of Man. The Jewish leaders surrender him to Pontius Pilate, who then has him crucified.      To receive bible quotes from the gospel according to Mark sign up for our free bible quotes service.