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Genesis Book of The Bible

Genesis Bible Book

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The very first of the 24 books that constitute the Hebrew Bible Tanakh, the book of Genesis talks about the creation of the world and eulogizes God as the creator. The book of Genesis comprises 38 chapters where the first 11 chapters primarily center around the primeval stories of how the world was shaped up from a shapeless clay by the divine hands and consequently made habitable, how man and woman were created to carry on with the process of procreation that is the most important ingredient of life, the later chapters revolve around the Patriarchal stories. The book lays down the series of guiding principles or religious covenants that are considered to be very important by both the Jews and the Christians.

A rare gem in the genre of “antiquarian history” the author of Genesis is still shrouded in mystery. Although many biblical scholars attribute the creation of Genesis to Moses the Jewish messiah, however most recent studies claim that there were different authors who penned down the different chapters of the book. Although the Genesis constitutes many chapters, the story can be divided into two main halves. The first half talks about the cosmic creation that spreads over six days while the second half makes a transition where man becomes a primal force behind the continuation and motion of life. Here, we can see man as the controller and cultivator of his environment and also a moral agent.

The world is created by God for six days and the seventh day is designated as the day of rest. Consequently, he creates Adam and Eve the most beautiful among all his creations, along with the animals all of whom inhabit the idyllic Garden of Eden. He however instructs them not to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge. A talking serpent who is often believed to be Satan in disguise tempts Eve into eating it anyway, and she influences Adam, whereupon God curses them and throws them out in the fall of man. Eve bears two sons whose names are Cain and Abel. Cain eventually kills Abel after God accepts Abels offering but not Cains offering.

After many generations of Adam have passed the world gradually becomes corrupted by the cardinal sins of man, as a result of which the mankind race is destroyed at God’s behest.The Biblical flood destroys all except for noble Noah and his family that also comprises male and female counterparts of many animals. Humanity is thus restored through Noah and his family who seek refuge in the biblical Arc. Thereafter, God builds the Tower of Babel where humans are divided into different races.

Among all these humans, Abraham becomes his selected one.Blessed with divine power he becomes the forefather of a huge race who move on to steer the world in the most righteous direction.

The thoughts depicted in Genesis are unique. The imagery of day and night, light and darkness sets forth the universal thought of good and bad from the very beginning. That God created both values and vices are delineated well. Genesis is not only about how the world was created, it is also about the divine wish of choosing the right path.