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The fifth among the Tanak Bible, the title Deuteronomy derives from the Greek word Deuteronium which means the second law. The book contains three sermons all of which were delivered by Moses to the Israelites before they journeyed to the Promised Land. The book of Deuteronomy consists of 34 chapters which apart from narrating the story to the Israelites’ quest to seek their Lord in the Promised Land also talks their distrust in their messiah and consequently facing the wrath of God. But the primary focuses of the book are the three sermons delivered by the revered Moses, who lead the Hebrews to their own land. In addition to the covenants that form the central theme, the book also stresses on the importance of Yahweh who is the only god of the Hebrews.

It is thought by the biblical researchers that the Book of Deuteronomy was constructed and composed in different stages of history. The pivotal part of the book was composed in the 7th century B.C. The work on the book was again resumed in the 8th century B.C., and then continued during their Babylonian Exile and finally concluded after the exile when the Jews finally got back their Promised Land from the Persians to build their temple.

Deuteronmy comprises three sermons which are a crucial part of the divine Covenants. These sermons were given to the Israelites by Moses in Moab, before they had entered the Promised Land. The first sermon takes us back to the past when the Israelites were wandering. This is known as the “Law of Moses”. The second sermon speaks about the existence of one God and the Israelites’ allegiance to Him. It also says that their possession of the land depends on their observance of the Laws. The third sermon acts like a pacifier and tells that even if Israelites lose their land because of their disobedience they can revive their right back by proper redemption. The book therefore concludes with the theme of forgiveness and reiterates that man can achieve through his complete relinquishment to Ge od.

It is true that the Covenants and obedience form the pivotal theme in this book. In fact, all the Old Testament books stress on the importance of complete surrender to Yahweh. In Deuteronomy Torah is proclaimed as the highest authority for Israel before whom even the king owes subjugation. The other pertinent themes are the uniqueness of God and the beautiful things that he bestows on his children. But in the absence of obedience and allegiance to him humans face his wrath. The chapters in the book of Deuteronomy also state that Yahweh is the guiding star of the Israelites, although the book also emphasizes on the existence of other gods and faith. In fact, the famous words from this book “O Israel the LORD is our God, the LORD is one” forms the base of Judaism. Overall, the Book of Deuteronomy is of prime importance and echoes the spirit of the Old Testament bible – unquestionable subjugation to Lord.  Sign up now to receive personalized bible quotes or search for other christian resources.

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