Book of Tobit Scripture

The Book of Tobit Scripture

Book of Tobit

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Tobit or The Book of Tobit is a scripture book that forms a part of the Orthodox and the Catholic Biblical canon. In the Vulgate, the book of Tobit is referred to as The Book of Tobias. It narrates the account of Tobit, a righteous man from Israel who belonged to the Tribe of Naphtali. He used to live in Nineveh after Israel’s northern tribes were deported to Assyria in the year 721 B.C. under the rulership of Sargon II.

The Book of Tobit then discusses how Tobit was raised by Deborah, his paternal grandmother. He was still a devotee of the God at Jerusalem’s temple and was reluctant to be a part of the cult of golden calves prevalent in the city of Dan as set by Jeroboam, ruler of Northern Israel. During the period of exile, Tobit was notable for providing proper burials for Israelites who were killed by Sennacherib. This enraged the king and he confiscated all of Tobit’s property and forced him into living a life of exile. However, Tobit was permitted to return to the city of Nineveh after the death of Sennacherib. He buried an individual who had been killed on the streets. Tobit slept in open air on that night and was blinded accidentally by bird droppings. This incident strained his marriage and he yearned for his death.

Later in the book of Tobit, a young woman by the name of Sarah lived in Media. She had unfortunately lost seven of her husbands to Asmodeus, the legendary demon of lust. The demon was responsible for killing all of her husbands on the night of her wedding, thus preventing the couple to consummate their marriage. This has led her to suffer from despair and seek death as a release. The angel Raphael was sent by God to cure Tobit’s blindness and free Sarah from the clutches of the demon.

Tobit sent his son Tobiah to collect some money that his father had deposited in the land of Media. Raphael disguised himself as Azariah, one of Tobit’s kinsman and offered Tobias his protection during the journey. Raphael guided Tobias to make the journey to the land of Media while being accompanied by his pet dog. When Tobias decided to wash his feet in Tigris River, a fish tried to attack him and swallow his foot. But Raphael guided Tobias on how to capture the fish and make medicine from its heart, gall bladder and liver.

Furthermore in the Book of Tobit when they arrived at Media, Raphael spoke to Tobias of beautiful Sarah and how being her cousin he was eligible to marry her. He instructed Tobias to burn the liver of the fish which will help to drive away Asmodeus as he attacks on their wedding night. As Sarah and Tobias got married, the flames of the burning liver drove Asmodeus away to the Upper Egypt, from where he was captured by Raphael. Thinking that his son-in-law would be dead, Sarah’s father arranged for secretly burying Tobias, but as he found him alive, he became overjoyed and arranged for a bigger wedding feast. As Tobias was unable to leave, he asked Raphael to get his father’s money.

Tobias took Sarah and returned to Nineveh after the banquet. Now Raphael instructed him to use the gall of the fish to heal his father’s sightlessness. As Tobit was cured, Raphael revealed who he was and went back to heaven; Tobit sang for Raphael a beautiful hymn of praise. Tobit then asked his son to move away from Nineveh as a prophesied destruction was imminent. After his parents died, Tobias buried them and went back to Media once again with his family.  Receive Bible Quotes from the Book of Tobit.