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2 Timothy

2 Timothy

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2 Timothy or Second Timothy is a book of New Testament in the Christian Bible. It is among the three letters entitled as Pastoral Epistles; the other two being First Timothy and the Titus. Also known as the Second Epistle of Paul to Timothy, its authorship has been traditionally linked to Paul the Apostle.

There have been some controversies among modern scholars regarding the authorship of 2 Timothy. The ideas and language presented in this epistle is quite different from that of the other 2 Pastoral Epistles and yet it bears noticeable similarities to the Pauline letters that he wrote while in prison. This has led some researchers to think that 2 Timothy had been composed by one of Paul’s followers who had intricate knowledge of his last days.

In this letter, Paul encourages Timothy to be strong and full of faith. He says that the gift of God had been bestowed on him, and it has inculcated a spirit of tremendous power, of self discipline and of love. Hence Timothy should never feel ashamed of testifying for his Lord nor be embarrassed of Paul as his mentor. He further invites Timothy to join him on a path towards a holy life that has its own grace and purpose. The grace was bestowed by Christ Jesus even before the onset of time and it has now been revealed by the appearance of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ, who has overcome death and brought immortality into our sphere through the gospels. Since Paul was chosen to be an apostle and teacher of the gospels, he had to lead a life of suffering as he is doing now. However, Paul says that in spite of such suffering, he still has firm faith in Lord Jesus Christ. Paul then prayed to the Lord to have mercy on Onesiphorus and his family as he stood by Paul during difficult times.

Paul illustrated in 2 Timothy what it is like to be a soldier fighting for Christ Jesus. He should stay away from civilian affairs and not expect anything in return unless he follows the rules set for him. Paul says that even though he is suffering today, he is sure that the Lord will bring everyone salvation and eternal glory. Paul advised Timothy to stay away from mindless chattering as it does more harm than good to a man. It leads people far from the truth. Even though false prophecies regarding the resurrection of Jesus are abound, the solid foundation created by God stands firm. Man should cleanse himself from ignoble purposes in order to be a vehicle for noble ideas.

Paul further describes in 2 Timothy a bleak future in the last days before the second coming of Christ. The people will be prideful, abusive, ungrateful, money-seeking, unholy, unforgiving, brutal, without self-control, without love, treacherous and brash. Men will lack faith, they will exploit others and cause harm; but their follies will soon be understood.

Paul instructs Timothy that even in the midst of such chaos, he should still follow the righteous path as shown by Jesus. The Scriptures carry the breath of God and will serve as important tools to convert people into the right direction. Paul then asks Timothy to get Mark to come with him as most of the others, including Demas, Crescens and Titus have left. The letter ends with a final greeting for Aquila and Priscilla, as well as Onesiphorus and his household.    Learn more about how to receive free bible quotes daily from 2 Timothy.

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