2 Kings or The Second Part Of The Book of Kings

2 Kings

2 Kings

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2 Kings or the Second Book of the Kings forms the second part of the Books of Kings that discuss the history of ancient kingdoms of northern and southern Israel from about 960 BC to 560 BC. 2 Kings is included in the Nevi’im section of the Tanakh.

The incidents described in 2 Kings continue from where the first part of the book, i.e. 1 Kings ended. Ahaziah is a wicked king who ruled over Israel. He was the son of Ahab and his genuine successor; but Ahaziah deviated from the righteous path of the God, and took to darker ways. It was during this time that Elijah was carrying out his ministries in Israel. Ahaziah had a serious accident when he fell through a lattice. Although he didn’t die immediately, he was severely bruised by it and even grew sick. When plagued by the concern of his own life, Ahaziah enquires to Baalzebub about his survival. However, Elijah foretells Ahaziah’s death. When the king sent a force to capture Elijah, the prophet mounted a hill and from thereon he called to the fire from the heavens to come and destroy the forces sent by the king to apprehend him.

Furthermore in 2 Kings, Elijah then divides the waters of River Jordan and is then taken to the heavens by a whirlwind. The tasks of ministries now fall over Elisha, who heals waters of Jericho. Jehoshaphat of Judah and Jehoram of Israel joins forces to launch a combat against Moab. Elisha comes to them and promises them that their animals will have water and they will surely win the war. The joint forces are then able to defeat the soldiers of Moab. Elisha then performs a number of miraculous acts. He multiplies a widow’s oil; makes promise to a Shunammite woman that she is going to bear a son. When the child dies, he is again raised back to life by Elisha. Elisha also demonstrates his abilities to turn poisonous food completely harmless. He even multiplies bread and grains and makes provisions for people to eat.

A Syrian by the name of Naaman was having leprosy and he came to Elisha to be cured. When told by Elisha to dip himself into the Jordan River seven times, he at first refuses. However, when he did so, he was cured of all traces of leprosy. Elisha refused to take any reward for his acts. However, Gehazi accepts Naaman’s gift and is in turn cursed with leprosy. Elisha also advises the king on how to carry out a war with the Syrian nation. Benhadad takes control of Samaria and the food items sell for great prices.

Later in 2 Kings, Elisha foretells bountiful riches in the land of Samaria. When Samarian people flee by hearing battle noises, the Israelites looted the riches from the Syrians. Elisha then predicts a famine that will last for seven years. Although the Shunammite woman’s life is preserved through these rough times, Judah is ruled by wicked kings like Jehoram and Ahaziah. A Jehu king is anointed over Israel; Jezebel’s death is prophesied along with the destruction of Ahab’s lineage.

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