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1 Corinthians

1 Corinthians

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1 Corinthians or the First Corinthians is the 7th text of New Testament and is written for the church of God at Corinth, Greece. Frequently referred to as First Epistle to the Corinthians, 1 Corinthians was written by Paul the Apostle in about 53 to 57 AD.

Corinth was a Roman city located strategically on mainland route between the East and the West, and served as a meeting point for numerous sea routes. It was the capital city of Achaia and was well known for its material as well as intellectual prosperity. However, with time the city also became well known for its corruption. Paul began his 2nd missionary journey by starting his ministry in the city of Corinth, albeit under extreme opposition. After leaving Corinth, he traveled to Ephesus. The corruption of the city had exerted its influence on church as well, and Paul came to know of the difficulties and problems that issued in the church as well. It was here in Ephesus that Paul wrote this letter and addressed it to the church of Corinth.

The importance of the Book of 1 Corinthians lie in the fact that it contains an open minded discussion on the various issues that occurred within the church as well as those that impacted common people during the first century. Corinthian church grew heavy with sin on numerous grounds, and Paul provided them with an important method to deal with issues of sin within its midst. Instead of just ignoring the problems of relational division and complex issues of immorality, Paul chose to address the problems directly. In his ardent appeal to restore the purity of the Corinthian Church, he made it quite apparent that he was prepared to risk bad press in order to clear the church of its sinful ways.

Later in 1 Corinthians, the church of Corinth was divided in its rulership. Some followed the ideas and teachings of Paul; there were people who favored the ideas of Cephas and still others liked the concepts presented by Apollos. An intellectual pride was at the bottom of this division. Paul asked Corinthians to really focus on Christ instead of his messengers. The church is the body that serves as a dwelling place for God Jesus, and if it is divided by disunity, then its whole purpose comes to waste. There was also a certain self-centeredness that led to lack of spiritual freedom. While Paul’s ideas took into consideration the state of those with weak faith, he recommended spiritual freedom that came by renouncing a self-centered attitude.

Paul also spoke about social issues such as marriage, celibacy, divorce and sexual debauchery. He considered it important to practice true Christian love as he believed that it will help to settle conflicts and lawsuits that existed between brothers. Paul also tells people of Corinth to use their spiritual gifts like the gift of speech wisely. He also spoke about the idea of resurrection. Although raising one from the dead is not new, as Jesus, Elijah and Paul performed this miracle in the past, it was Christ who was the first to enter a life that has no death.  To receive Bible Quotes from 1 Corinthians learn more about our service.